Friday, June 22, 2012

Red & Mint - No Giant Ants

Ever since I saw this dress on a blog many months ago I have been obsessed, obsessed I tell you.  I tracked down that it was sold at Anthropologie - sold out.  I found it on Ebay, a couple of times, for like $200.  Every time I would put it on my Ebay watch list, my daughter would delete it.  What the heck! 

OK, OK, I understand - really what is a 50 year old woman going to do with a dress with giant red ants on it?!?  I'm still not over it, but I've moved past it. 

I really love the colors so I re-created them in my outfit today.  And replaced the giant ants with my lobster critter necklace.  Maybe it is my total lack of sleep due to the basketball game, but I don't think it looks half bad. 

Happy Friday!

Charlotte Taylor Fire Ant Dress

J. Crew Jackie Cardigan
White House Black Market Tee
J. Crew Cafe Trousers
Express Bow Belt
Guess Pumps
J. Crew Necklaces

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