Monday, August 26, 2013

Shiny Pants

A guy at work asked me today "How many pairs of those shiny pants do you have?"  "A lot", I replied.  These are my most recent purchase from J. Crew Factory.  I had low expectations when I ordered them online due to the fabric content, but I love them.  They look and feel like the silk collection café capris I own from J. Crew for a fraction of the price.

I'm also loving my new shoes from Ann Taylor.  These are the first shoes I've ever purchased from Ann Taylor and I am a fan.  I ordered the black/tan version and this burgundy version.  Super comfortable!  I highly recommend.  Hoping for a 40% off promo during the holiday week-end so I can order the navy ones.

J. Crew Factory Shirt
J. Crew Factory Polka-dot Capris
Bauble Bar Necklace
J. Crew Factory Belt
Ann Taylor Marla Pumps

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The J. Crew Look For Less: Camo Tee

For those folks not really sure about the camo trend I've found a couple of super cheap ways to incorporate the trend without looking like a hunter.  I personally like camo (I am from Oklahoma after all) and I am glad to see all the items out there this Fall.  I am desperately searching for some new camo pants.  I've tried the Gap and Banana Republic versions without success.  The legs are just too skinny for me.  And I don't have big legs by any stretch of the imagination.  My next try will be the J. Crew ones.

When walking through Target yesterday I saw camo tees in the boys department.  They had a green and a gray version and on sale for $5.  I purchased the green version in a boy's size large.  For $5 I figured it was worth a shot.  I wished I'd grabbed the gray version too.  Maybe I'll go back and get it even though the sale ended yesterday.  Regular price is $6 so maybe I should just go for it :).  The boy's size large fit me well and I normally wear a size small in J. Crew.  The tee also came in extra-large which was super big on me and would probably fit someone who wears a medium in J. Crew.  The cotton is substantial, but not too thick.  For $5 they are definitely not the quality of J. Crew's $49.50 camo tee.  Meaning the Target version probably WON'T get holes after a couple of washings :)!!

Target Boy's Circo Camo Tee $6
This is the gray version.  The green version is not available online.

J. Crew Camo Tee $49.50

I also picked up these cute slip-on sneakers in the Target shoe department - the boy's shoe department.  They are a size 4 and I usually wear a size 7/7.5 in shoes.  I wore them to the movies last night with jeans and a white sweater and an olive green military style jacket.

Target Boy's Circo Piper Canvas Sneaker $16.99

Thursday, August 22, 2013

J Crew Factory Embroidered Floral Skirt

I received this skirt in a J Crew Factory order I received yesterday and couldn't wait to wear it.  With discounts I paid $29.99.  A bargain for sure!   I thought I would share since there have been pop-backs and while 30% off everything is going on online.  The skirt may also be available in stores, but I haven't been in a store in ages as mine has been closed for remodeling.

I typically wear a size 2 in J. Crew skirts but this is a 4.  I know I have gained some weight, but I do feel this one runs a little small.  It is fully lined which is a plus for Factory skirts. has pockets!!!

J. Crew Silk Pocket Top
J. Crew Factory Embroidered Floral Skirt
Nine West Pumps

Monday, August 19, 2013

Old Navy Fall Fix

I am "working" from home today which might or might not involve some internet shopping.  I placed an order this week-end with Gap and Banana Republic with the Fall Fix 40% off promo.  I had checked out Old Navy, but didn't see anything that peaked my interest.  I don't know if I missed them yesterday or they are new today, but I managed to order several things today from Old Navy with their Fall Fix 30% off promo.  Have you checked out these items?  Thoughts?

Old Navy Graphic Crewneck Sweater
$17.46 after discount
I have been watching for this one after seeing it in the August Lucky Magazine.

Old Navy Graphic Crewneck Sweater
$17.46 after discount
In case you didn't know, I am terrified of birds.  BUT strangely attracted to them on clothing.
This sweater also comes in an Owl and a Dog motif.

Old Navy Zip Front Military Jacket
Available in brown or green
$27.96 after discount

Old Navy Twill Military Style Jacket
$25.90 after discounts
A great way to incorporate the camo trend.
It would be coming to me, if I hadn't scored a camo jacket at Gap last year.

And finally, Old Navy Chambray Shirt
Comes in Light, Medium, and Dark Washes - This is the photo of the Medium Wash.
I went with the Dark Wash.
$8.38 after discounts - Yes, $8.38!!
Hey, don't judge.  Every girl needs at least a dozen chambray shirts. Right?

Crazy Old Lady From Palm Beach

Let's start at the beginning...  When I go to the mall in Boca I always enter through Bloomingdales because it is the closest entrance to J. Crew.  When I enter Bloomingdales I immediately encounter the shoe department.  One day I see these super cute smoking slippers with pearl poodles on them.  $150 - set. them. down. and walk. away.  Each and every time I walk through Bloomingdales these pearl poodles catch my eye.  So cute, but not for me at $150.

Cut to Saturday.  I am doing my weekly walk through at TJ Maxx and what do I see in the sale section?  One lonely pair of pearl poodle smoking slippers.  One pair and in my size!!  It must be fate, right?  I grab the shoes and run to the check out to pay for them.

When I get home I try them on and walk around.  They are super comfortable.  But I start having second I really need shoes with pearl poodles on them?  Will I really wear them?  So I snap a couple of pictures and send them to my daughter.  Oh, she of many opinions...

Me:  "Cute or Crazy?"

She:  "Uh, crazy!"  "Crazy old lady from Palm Beach!"

Me:  "Really?  I think they are cute, I think."

She:  "Definitely, NO!"

Me:  "They were only $50."

She:  "I don't care if they were $5 - NO!!!!"

Okay, we know her opinion.  What is your opinion?  Am I losing it?  Do you think they are cute or crazy?  Would YOU wear them? 

Isaac Mizrahi Ameya Loafer

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shoes & Bags, Bags & Shoes

Happy Sunday.  I've been MIA lately simply because I haven't been in the mood.  I've been pretty uninspired by J. Crew's latest offerings.  Thanks to Gigi I am looking forward to the September roll-out.  But, really,  how many shiny café capris can one girl have?

I like that the fall offerings from numerous retailers include camo and leopard.  I have always been a leopard fan, but have found some of the new offerings, like Ann Taylor's flower leopard pattern, different and fun.  I'm also fond of camo print and have a pair of J. Crew camo cargos from several years ago that I still wear.  Last year I purchased a camo print jacket from Gap on super sale and I'm glade it will still be on trend this fall.  I recently purchased a pair of boy's camo slip-on sneakers from Target for $16.99.  The boys size 4 fits my 7/7.5 foot great.  Today I ordered the camo ankle zip skinny jeans from Banana Republic.  None of my local stores carry them so I thought I would try them out while the 40% off FALLFIX sale is going on.

Since I haven't been buying clothes lately, I've been buying shoes and handbags.  Hey, a girl's gotta shop.  I found this Kate Spade beauty at TJ Maxx.  If you don't shop at TJ, you should.  It is definitely hit or miss, but definitely worth a walk through any time you are near a store.  You never know what you might find.

Kate Spade Flicker Melinda via TJ Maxx

I have also recently re-acquainted myself with Coach.  I used to buy a lot of Coach, but hadn't in the last few years.  I get private sale invitations from Coach Factory and they have some awesome buys.  And it's not just factory stuff - they get retail stuff too.  I recently purchased this Coach Haley Satchel which was a retail store offering.  I love the neutral sand color.  Regular price was $358 and I paid $179 through the private sale.  If you are interested in being added to the private sale list, send me your email address and I'll send you an email invitation.

Coach Haley Satchel in Sand

You may remember this Coach Park Cross-body I purchased awhile back.  I paid right at $100 for it through the private sale.

Coach Park Colorblock Crossbody

My latest shoe shopping has been at Ann Taylor.  I've never bought shoes from there until now and I am a fan.  I have purchased 2 pairs of the Marla Quilted Leather Block Heels and LOVE them.  They are super comfortable and run true to size for me.   I ordered the Luxury color and the Siren color.  The Luxury is a tan/beige that is an exact match to my new Coach Haley in Sand.  I am a sucker for matching shoes and handbags as old-fashioned as it might be.  These have the black patent leather toe cap and heel.  They look VERY Chanel, in my opinion.  The Siren is a great burgundy color that pairs well with my J. Crew Heather Burgundy Tippi and Burgundy #2 Pencil Skirt from last year (not that I would wear them all together).  I was able to get them when Ann Taylor had 40% off everything and I am anxiously waiting for the next 40% off sale so I can order the Midnight (Navy) ones too.

Ann Taylor Marla Quilted Leather Block Heel Pump - Luxury

Ann Taylor Marla Quilted Leather Block Heel Pump - Siren

Do you have any great shoe or handbag finds to share?