Friday, June 29, 2012


I guess I'm in the Independence Day mood.  I wasn't too keen on the Raj Paisley print at first, but as the price went down, my interest went up :).  I really like that it gives me another outfit to wear my red bubble necklace with.

I understand that 30% off is still going on in the stores.  Will you picking up anything else this week-end or are you waiting for the fall roll-out?

Happy Friday and have a great week-end!

J. Crew Perfect Shirt
J. Crew Raj Paisley Pencil Skirt
J. Crew Bubble Necklace
Guess Pumps


  1. Great classic combo...looks super on you! I didn't really care for the raj print at first, either, but I think it does grow on you...and I can really envision so many workable outfits with the colors, that I think it will be a rather tmeless print to enjoy for years! Thanks for sharing your take on it!

  2. I always enjoy wearing a white shirt with a pencil skirt--what a beautiful combination you have on, esp. with the addition of the bubble necklace!

  3. I love this skirt and have it too. I am from florida and recently wore it on a trip to Alabama where one kind person told me "it looks like a care bear on drugs threw up" I told him I liked care bears! :) ON a side note I am moving to Miami for Grad school and if you happen to know of any one renting property I have been COMBING the interwebs and using a realtor with little luck. If you might be able to help please find me on gplus!