Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fitting Room Review: J. Crew

I stopped by J. Crew today and they had a huge sale section. Too bad it wasn't an extra 30% off :).  I looked over the new stuff too, but didn't see much to excite me.

Lace Stripe Shell - White - $49.50 online - $24.99 in-store - Size XS
This one runs quite large.  I usually take a small and sometime XS in J. Crew tanks and this XS is really gaping under the arms (see below).  It is cute but thin.  I didn't like enough to buy even for $24.99

Patterned Shorts (I don't see them online so I don't know the name.  Blue & White - $59.50 - size 4
Didn't love.  I actually think the LEC ones are better fabric and quality.

Dolores Dress (I think) - Peacock Paisley - $89.50 - size 2
This one is sold out online but there were several in the store.  I love this dress and the fabric.  I just wish it was about 2 inches longer for work.  It is lined and well made.

Lucille Dress - Festival Green - $168 - Size 2
Love this one too! Great fabric and fully lined.  It seemed a little short for work IRL,  but doesn't look it in the picture.

Angular Eyelet Top - Citrus Lime - $62 - Size XS
Not thrilled with this one, especially for the price.  It buttons all the way up the back which I though was kinda cute.  The cotton is thin, but no see-through.  A pass for me.

Gardenshade Floral (?) Pencil Skirt - $39.99 - Size 0
Would have purchased this at that price, if they'd had a size 2.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt - Succulent Green - $59.99 - Size 0
My store had the No. 2 for $59.99 in the Neon Pink also.  These are both still $89.50 online

Lined Cafe Trouser in Linen - Ivory - $118 - Size 2
These fit TTS.  Love the weight of the fabric and the lining.

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  1. That is a better size for you looked a lot nicer.