Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review: J. Crew Matinee Trench

I bought the matinee trench last year and have never worn it.  I'm just not a big coat person.  Today I finally decided to break it out as it is supposed to rain all day and I have an appointment downtown which will require some walking from a parking garage to an office.  You would think that living in Florida I would wear a raincoat on a regular basis, but never have. 

J. Crew currently has the matinee trench on promo HERE for $138 in the modern red color.  The navy is still $178.  The khaki color does not seem to be available any longer.  I usually wear a 4 in J.Crew blazers but purchased the trench in a size 6 so I could wear it over a blazer or suit jacket and it fits great.

It worked out great today.  It is really lovely with the leather detail on the belt and sleeves and the gold snaps and zipper.  I LOVE the hood as no umbrella is required.  I think I will end up wearing it alot.


  1. That coat is real nice. Looked great on you.

  2. I've been loving this trench for a while and I think this color is great for classic coat :) I wish the navy would go on sale! Cute blog, I love all the J. Crew that you wear.


  3. I tried the modern red and it was too bright for me. I ended up w/navy. For anyone wondering, khaki was available when it first came out, but not when they introduced modern red. Khaki is a great staple!