Friday, May 18, 2012

J. Crew Factory Store Reviews

I visited the J. Crew Factory Store yesterday.  They had alot of new items and some great sales.  I also noted that some new items were recently added to the Factory online that were not in the store.  Most in-store items had an additional percent off plus I was able to use my 20% off $125 coupon (thanks JCA!).  I am noticing, however, that some of the online pricing is better than in-store, even with the coupon.

One of the best in-store deals were the 5 inch chino shorts.  They were $24.50 plus the 20% off made them 19.99!  They had lots of colors plus a madras plaid and a critter short with dragonflies.

I bought the garment-dyed popover perfect shirt in the store.  It came in neon azalea, lemon twist, and african violet.  Love this shirt.  They are super bright!  In-store I paid $46.01 after the discounts and currently online they are $44.50.  I think I need the lemon twist one too :).

Factory garment-dyed popover perfect shirt - neon azalea - size small - fits true to size
 They also had TONS of pencil skirts.  In-store the were priced at $75 plus 40% off plus 20% coupon so $36!!  Online they are $50.

I had ordered the #2 pencil skirts from retail online during the last 30% off promo in the neon pink and natural.  They were on promo for $89.50 plus 30% off made them $62.65.  I hadn't worn them since I was on the fence.  Now they are definitely going back.  I purchased both colors at the outlet and paid $72 total!
Left one is from the factory $36
Right one is from retail $62.65
I kinda like the pockets on the factory one.  Fabric on the retail one is heavier and stiffer.  I'm going with the factory one.

Left one is from the factory $36
Right one is from retail $62.65
Okay, these two are EXACTLY the same!  Even the tags inside are the same - no factory tag.

Factory printed skimmer pant
How cute are these?!?  Online price is $49.50.  I didn't see them in-store and they are back-ordered online until June 8th.

Will you be visiting the Factory Store this week-end?  What new online items caught your eye?


  1. Yes, I will definitely stop at the outlet store this weekend.

    As far as the neon pink skirts go, you obviously scored a regular retail version in the factory store. The factory versions always have 2 small diamonds underneath the J. Crew name, if you look closely.

    I would hang on to the regular pencil skirt (I also got the one in natural). Several JCAs reported that the factory version ripped after one wear.

    1. Thanks for the info, Rose. Let me know what you find at the outlet store.

  2. I'll bet the pink is pretty on you. I didn't notice that or the pants online. Thanks for sharing! Also thanks for the codes you put in another post. There are some Steve Madden shoes I think I want, so I'll have to see if they're on the site.