Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Just received order 1 of 2 from J. Crew of purchases from the 30% off promo sale. 

First up - the Tessa top in Safari Cat - $55.65 after 30% discount.  I really like this top.  I like that it is flowy with the pleats in both the front and the back.  It fits true to size IMO.  This is a size 4.  The linen is a heavier weight but not scratchy.  I like that it can be worn to work with a pencil skirt or with shorts. 

 Next are the 5 inch chino shorts in bright green - $24.15 after 30% off.  I love these shorts and have every color.  These are a size 4 and fit true to size.  Disregard the weird photo - it looks like I'm sticking my tummy out :).
 The Gondola Stripe Top - $41.99 after 30% off.  I never had much interest in this top until I started seeing everywhere in the Blogiverse.  I really like the washed silk feel.  Always love a stripe.  And again this one can be worn to work and on week-ends.  This is a 4.  I also ordered a 2 coming in my 2nd J.Crew order because I had fears the 4 would be too big.  It's not - I'm going with the size 4 which is my regular J.Crew size in tops.  This one is a keeper.
 Finally, the Cafe Capri in Safari Cat - $68.60 after the 30% off.  I really wanted to love these, but I don't find them flattering.  The linen seems thicker and stiffer than the Tessa top. Also, the color is different.  These are more a chocolate brown and the Tessa is more of a rusty brown.  I think I like the color in the pants better, but probably wouldn't know the difference, if I hadn't seen them both together.  I will try the pants on a few more times before I return them.  Also, these are the same size as all of my cafe capris - size 2.

What do you think of my purchases?  Do you have any of these items?  What do you think of the cafe capris - keep or return?


  1. I wonder if you need a 0 in the capris? I didn't love these. I agree the fabric is a bit heavy or something. They may go the price way of the abstract leopard and be found for really cheap later. If you don't love them, wait. The Tessa is definitely a winner and the gondola :)

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback, Gigi. I've decided I wouldn't like the capris even for cheap :).

  2. love the gondola stripes top on you!
    if you are not sure i would return the capris.

    1. Thanks, Ina. The capris are going back!