Saturday, May 19, 2012

Denim & Paisley

As you've probably figured out, it is all shorts all the time on the week-ends for me.  These old J. Crew shorts are one of my favorites since they have pretty much every color in them.  This shirt is new.  I have had a fantasy of a t-shirt made of denim for awhile now and ran across this one at Madewell.  It is super soft and comfy and I have worn it not only on the week-ends, but to work with cafe capris and pencil skirts.  This was my first and only purchase from Madewell and I am pleased.

Do you shop Madewell?

What are your favorite recent purchases?

Madewell chambray pocket tee - $65
J Crew necklace via Ebay - $10
Express coral bow belt - $17
J Crew paisley shorts - old
Sandals - old


  1. the madewell tee looks very cute!

  2. goimg to check this out.

    1. What color of nail polish would you wear?

    2. Hi. I would wear a coral polish. I like Loreal Mango-Get-Em (410) or for a little darker orange OPI On Collins Ave.