Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Short Story

Here is my Saturday outfit for running errands and dinner later with The Man. 

What are your thoughts on shorts for the older woman?  I stopped wearing mini skirts a few years ago, but continue to wear shorts.  I do live in South Florida and they aren't 3 inch short shorts.  I always stick to 4 or 5 inch or bermudas.  So, does that make it okay?  Does age matter or is it more important how they look?

J Crew white chino shorts - old
J Crew white embroidered shirt - $15 (last year)
J Crew bubble necklace - turquoise - via Ebay - $20
Target Emeline sandals - turquoise - $15


  1. Love the teal and white, so fresh and so chic!! Shorts are per size appropiate not age appropiate.

  2. So relaxed. I feel like I'm on vacation looking at your outfit. Your bubble necklaces are looking great. I have an Ebay version, too and it's holding up great. :)