Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Porcelain & Denim

I finally got my Porcelain Paisley Pencil Skirt.  It pretty much took a village.  I didn't care for this skirt at first - until everyone else had it and loved it - and then I needed it too!  My PS finally found one for me through WWFI, but when it came UPS had somehow cut a hole through the envelope, through the plastic, and completely through the back and front of the skirt!  No kidding!!  Several more WWFI searches came back with the "unfortunately" email.  I put a message out on JCA (what would we do without Alexis and her blog!?!) and a lovely JCA sent me an email saying she had returned the skirt the day before and gave me the store's phone number.  I called them, but they had already sent the skirt back to the warehouse.  I contacted my PS who contacted the warehouse and was able to get the skirt sent to me.  WHEW!!  It finally arrived in perfect condition and I do love it.  I think I love it most because I only paid 41 bucks for it :)!!

I have lots of outfits planned for this skirt, but today I paired it with the Denim Top from Ann Taylor that I first mentioned HERE.  I didn't buy this shirt right away as it was $78 and I was waiting for one of Ann Taylor's 40% off everything days.  They seem to have the 40% off day pretty regularly, but I waited and waited and waited and still no 40% off day.  I received a $20 rewards certificate and decided I would wait no longer.  When I got to the store to purchase the top it was marked down to $39.99!!!  I used my rewards certificate and got it for $19.99.  YIPPEE!!  I loved it for $78 and love it even more for $19.99 :).

When patience results in deals like these, I just can't stand to pay full price.  What about you?  When you love something, do you scoop it up right away or play the waiting game and hope to be a winner?

Ann Taylor Denim Top
J. Crew Porcelain Paisley Pencil Skirt
Necklace via TJ Maxx
Pumps via TJ Maxx

I like the exposed zipper with the leather trim & pull!


  1. I really like this look! I actually posted about porcelain and pink today - I truly love that blouse you are wearing - it looks wonderful with the skirt! I am glad you got yours - Mine makes me very happy!

  2. The skirt is wonderful. The blouse just so great. You look great and wonderful in it.

  3. I LOVE this skirt! So pretty, versatile and I'm glad you got yours! Love this look, and I'll copy cat it with a denin shirt (I don't have this cute top!) :-P

  4. Oh it's beautiful with the dark denim top and pearls, well done on getting it!
    As I am over in Scotland, I pay almost double than everyone else by the time taxes and J Crew's dollar to sterling mark up goes on a garment, I wish I didn't like their aesthetic so much, I feel like a fool sometimes.