Friday, July 20, 2012

J. Crew Fall Roll-out : The Look For Less

I received my new J. Crew Style Guide today and as I was looking through it I kept thinking "hey, that looks familiar".

Shall we compare:

J. Crew Rugby Stripe Boatneck $65

Old Navy Stripe Sweater $8

J. Crew Polka Dot Cashmere $268

Old Navy Polka Dot Boatneck $24.94

J. Crew Boyshirt in Snowcat $88


Old Navy Cardigan

J. Crew Etta Captoe Leather Pump $248

Franco Sarto Leather Pump via TJ Maxx $34.99

Thoughts?  My favorite things in the Style Guide were the black and cream photo print Collection items.  I'm pretty sure I won't be buying them even on FS with 40% off :)!


  1. Very interesting post! I like finding similar looking J. Crew items for much less. The only thing I'm loyal to J. Crew are the pencil skirts. I want to check out the Old Navy boatneck sweaters this weekend. I like your pattern play and the splashes of pink in your outfit. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. love your post! Yes, they do look so familiar, actually more alike than I thought. I got the Old Navy boatneck sweater(with the heart) a couple of days ago. Now, I regret not getting the polka dots one.

  3. Love these looks for less! Old Navy always has some great similar jems. I find Joe Fresh is a great place too for cheaper alternatives with very similar designs :)


  4. Just found your blog and love this post. OMG, I must have the Franco Sarto pumps you found at TJ Maxx! I've been trying to find cap toe pumps with a solid heel for ages! Were they a recent purchase, and do you remember the name of the style? Thanks!

    1. Here is a listing on Ebay for the pumps:

  5. That is definitely something to think about... When I see such similarities and look at the quality, I always think about the business side of creating clothes and that many times we are paying three or four times more for a garment just because of the brand. Its still hard to miss a high quality silk blouse or a fierce pair of pumps!

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