Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Plaid Shirt / Green Shorts

Okay...  I couldn't think of a name for today's post so it is what it is.

Included in today's outfit are some new purchases that I am very pleased with.  The plaid shirt is a recent purchase from Old Navy and I love the colors - navy, green, yellow, pink and white.  I think I will wear it lots, not only with shorts but with my green and blue cafe capris as well.  The shirt is available HERE and is currently on sale for $19.00 with an additional 20% off with card.

The sandals are also a recent purchase and these are from Lands' End Canvas.  I purchased them during the last promotion and love them.  They are leather and super comfortable.  I wore them all day the first day and no rubs or blisters!! 

Old Navy Shirt
J. Crew Shorts
J. Crew Belt
Lands' End Canvas Sandals

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