Friday, July 20, 2012


Sorry I've been MIA most of the week.  I haven't been feeling well and mostly working from home.  I'm sure you didn't want to see my OOTDs - Softee shorts and old Jimmy Buffet concert tees :).

I was excited to see J. Crew's new roll-out, although not as excited as most since there will be no wool skirts for me living in South Florida.  It's hard to wear wool when it is about 80 degrees 360 days a year.  So sad - not really :)!  I was able to grab the #2 pencil skirts in Sunflower and Burgundy while they were on super sale so those will work great in my fall and winter wardrobe.

I have been wanting a pair of navy patent leather pumps.  I waited too long on the J. Crew Martinas to go down in price and now it seems they are gone.  I have ordered a few options below so we'll see how those work out when they arrive.

I have continued my closet cleaning to get rid of all the size 4 and 6 skirts that no longer fit me and will be posting them on my sale blog HERE.  I have some hard to find skirts - the Kandinsky abstract rose and mint dazzling dots (NWT) - that I will be selling.

Finally, my daughter has started her own blog Artful Mind of a Fashionista.  I may be biased, but she is very artistic, creative, and stylish.  You should check it out.

Just so I have some pictures on my post, following are the navy patent pumps I have ordered to try:

Nine West Homage $79

Guess Verna via DSW $44.95

Michael Antonio via DSW $39.95


  1. I am glad you are feeling better!
    off to check your daughters blog..............

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon! BTW, I'm your daughter's newest follower. :o)