Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boy Shoes

Boys are lucky.  They don't have to wear make-up, panty hose, bras, or high heels.  They get to wear cute loafers and oxfords.  With cute socks.  I LOVE wearing boy shoes and have several pairs.  When I wear boy shoes I make it a point to wear something feminine too.  Like the silk ruffle sleeve blouse and statement necklace I wore today. 

Do you like boy shoes?  Also, I like black and brown together.  Do you?

Ann Taylor Top
Gap Boy Fit Trousers
J. Crew Necklace
J. Crew Belt
Kate Spade Socks
Shoes via Off Broadway Shoes


  1. I love the look,but i dont wear it,because i am too short to wear no heels:(.

  2. I love a brogue or loafer with a lovely trouser. I really want the Toni tassels from j crew in champagne - so classic!

  3. Love the outfit. Shoes are to cute.

  4. Yes, I love black and brown together. I first saw this combo in Vogue magazine back in 2006 and I remember marking that page. Then it seemed like the next year this was a hot trend and now black and brown is everywhere! I enjoy your blog.