Thursday, July 26, 2012

Caribbean Tweed

I just received these Cafe Capris in my most recent online order.   $23 whole dollars with the 40% off!  I love, love, love the colors.  Orange and purple - who knew?  Apparently, J. Crew knew :).

J. Crew Jackie Cardigan
Ann Taylor Cami
J. Crew Patent Leather Belt in Expresso
J. Crew Caribbean Tweed Cafe Capris in Mango
Banana Republic Brown Patent Leather Flats
(These shoes have been in the Goodwill pile a dozen times.  So glad I didn't get rid of them as they match my new J. Crew belt perfectly!)


  1. Love! I picked up these capris and also the green ones during the extra 40% promo. I was a bit surprised at the color ( I was expecting orange and pink ) and now want something purple to try with them. They match my new viv violet suede flower flats perfectly. I tried an ivory linen crewneck with these do far and am going to work on other ideas.

  2. You know I have that exact Jackie and have nee sworn it as I just can't seem to match it to anything, oh an deep the shoes, they are lovely!

  3. What an eye catching outfit. I love your blog. I am now your newest follower!(Although I can't get my photo up, no matter how many times I try.)I,too, am a clearance maven. I always love reading about a great deal put to great use.