Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Animal Sweaters

I've been liking all the animal motifs lately and saw these online and on sale at Macy's.  The sizes were pretty picked over, but I thought I would give them a try since the price was right.  Don't forget that Macy's does free shipping on all orders over $99 and you can do the returns in store.

Sorry about the sad photos.  These were taken at the end of the day and I am not as photogenic :).

Dog sweater by Sweater Project
This is a size large.  I would say they run small.  A medium would have been the perfect fit but those were sold out.
100% cotton - I love that!
For $11.99 I'm keeping this one.
Love his sequin collar!!

Fox Sweater by Sweater Project
This one is a medium and the fit is perfect.  I usually wear a small in J. Crew Tippis, if that is helpful.
The sequins are sewn on and seem very sturdy.
I thought this was cute, but a little too sparkly for me.  I have ordered a fox sweater from Old Navy for a similar price so I'll see how that one works out.

Super Sparkly!

Owl sweater by Jolt.
This is a Large and way too big.  I could probably make it work with leggings, but I don't own leggings.
It is super cute with the bright pink details.
I would keep this if it was a smaller size.  I would need a small in this one.

These are the ones I ordered from Old Navy.  I will review when I receive them.  They are $29.94.  Old Navy has a promo through today for 25% off with code ONTAKE25.  And don't forget free shipping on orders over $50.

I DID NOT order this one.  I think I'm good for owl motifs!!


  1. Love the dog one and the last fox one. Those are great prices. We're you happy with the quality too?

  2. I like the one you kept. The fox one looks cute w/the little sparkles. I prefer the ON owl over the other one. The graphic is too large for me. I think those ON sweaters are really cute. I just saw them online yesterday, but not in-store yet. Hope to see your pics soon :)