Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Neon Pink Elephants

One of my co-workers told me today that my outfits always make her smile.  That has to be the ultimate compliment!

Gap Boyfriend Shirt in Elephant Print
J. Crew #2 Pencil Skirt in Neon Pink
Off Broadway Shoes Navy Pumps


  1. Your outfits make me smile too! I'm a big fan of pink and who can resist elephants?!

  2. That is too cute! Pink elepants on parade!

  3. I thought that might be one of the J Crew popovers that was on sale. I like the elephants better. Super cute! You look great in the pink skirt.

  4. I literally just ordered that top a few minutes ago - it is a great print!

  5. All of your outfits make me smile! I just found your blog, and.... a 40-something fashion blogger living in FL? Love it! I am also in my 40's and recently moved to FL from the DC area, trying to figure out how to dress for my new climate. LOVE your style- you always look classy and very polished.