Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gap Reviews

Thanks to Gigi for the head's up and the 40% coupon, I headed to Gap yesterday to grab a couple of things I've been stalking that are sold out online.  I wanted the boyfriend popover shirt in the owl print, the perfect dot shirt, and the saddle brown tassel loafers.  I got the owl print shirt and the loafers, but no dot shirt.  I plan to try a different Gap today for the dot shirt.

I have the Boyfriend Popover Shirt in the elephant print.  I wore it in this post and really love it.  I couldn't wait to get the owl print.  I think it will be great this Fall.  I can wear it with my J. Crew sunflower yellow and natural #2 pencil skirts and gray trousers to work.  And on the week-ends with my J. Crew shorts which I will also still be wearing this Fall :).  It fits TTS.  This is a small.

Gap Boyfriend Popover Shirt in Owl Print

It's hard to see the color even the close-up, but they are ivory, gray, and mustard yellow.  The main color is an orangy-red.

I also picked up the Tassel Loafers in Saddle Brown.  I wore the Gap black & white polka dot loafers yesterday and hated them.  They rubbed my feet like crazy.  I went ahead and purchased these because the fabric seems much softer and more pliable than the polka dot ones.  We shall see.

Gap Tassel Loafers in Saddle Brown


  1. Love the shirt! Love the gap loafers! I bought (ahem) several pairs during the last promo. Can't beat the price and they are super comfy :)