Tuesday, August 7, 2012

J. Crew Review : Jackie Pullover #65341

I received my most recent 30% off order today and had to immediately review the Jackie sweater.  They are currently on promo for $55 plus 30% off and not Final Sale.  My store doesn't carry these sweaters so I haven't been able try them in store.  This was the perfect time to try them out to push my order over the $175 mark for free shipping.  I have always been a huge Jackie cardigan fan and won't embarrass myself by telling how many I own (I'm probably technically a Hoarder).  First of all, the sweater is nothing like the Jackie cardigan so I don't know why they call it that.  The fabric of the sweater is thicker and spongier for lack of a better term, but not overly thick.  I like the weight of the sweater.  While I like the cotton Factory Thandie/Charlie, they are on the thin side.  I ordered the Jackie in Pink Bouquet and Kelly Green - LOVE, LOVE them both!!  The colors are very true.  I usually order the Jackie cardigan in a size medium so it is not too tight to wear over a collared shirt.  I can wear a size small Jackie cardigan, if I'm just wearing it with a cami.  I ordered the Jackie Pullover in a size medium because I didn't want it to be too fitted and I wanted to be able to wear a shirt under it.  It is the perfect fit.  A size small would have been way too tight.  Just for reference I am a 34C with narrow shoulders.

If you are on the fence about ordering the Jackie Pullover, I say go for it.  I love mine! 

Do you own or have you tried the Jackie Pullover?  What are your thoughts?

Jackie pullover


  1. Just got my first jackie pullovers with the same promo price and love them! Even though I was really surprised the fabric isn't the same as the jackie shell (which I own lots of) I do like the fabric a lot - spongy is a good description. I wear the jackie shell in xsmall and got the pullover in small (xsmall was too tight). I think I'm going to be building a collection of colors :)

  2. I got one in the byzantine blue in size medium! To be honest, it is too tight! I always buy my jackies in size M - they are more than generous. I love the weight of the Jackie pullover, but it is so fitted, which I don't really like as I am a 34E and am narrow shouldered like you. I am dieting right now, but even when I lose the extra 10 pounds, I will still be a 34D. I wish I had ordered the L, which shocks me, as I usually would swim in that size! I will wear mine in the privacy of my home and under the matching Jackie cardigan when it gets colder! My husband liked it, but then, he is a man!

  3. Spongy is an excellent description. I didn't like how it felt. But it didn't help that the color was no bueno on me.

    Love the raj paisley on you in the other post. :)