Sunday, August 25, 2013

The J. Crew Look For Less: Camo Tee

For those folks not really sure about the camo trend I've found a couple of super cheap ways to incorporate the trend without looking like a hunter.  I personally like camo (I am from Oklahoma after all) and I am glad to see all the items out there this Fall.  I am desperately searching for some new camo pants.  I've tried the Gap and Banana Republic versions without success.  The legs are just too skinny for me.  And I don't have big legs by any stretch of the imagination.  My next try will be the J. Crew ones.

When walking through Target yesterday I saw camo tees in the boys department.  They had a green and a gray version and on sale for $5.  I purchased the green version in a boy's size large.  For $5 I figured it was worth a shot.  I wished I'd grabbed the gray version too.  Maybe I'll go back and get it even though the sale ended yesterday.  Regular price is $6 so maybe I should just go for it :).  The boy's size large fit me well and I normally wear a size small in J. Crew.  The tee also came in extra-large which was super big on me and would probably fit someone who wears a medium in J. Crew.  The cotton is substantial, but not too thick.  For $5 they are definitely not the quality of J. Crew's $49.50 camo tee.  Meaning the Target version probably WON'T get holes after a couple of washings :)!!

Target Boy's Circo Camo Tee $6
This is the gray version.  The green version is not available online.

J. Crew Camo Tee $49.50

I also picked up these cute slip-on sneakers in the Target shoe department - the boy's shoe department.  They are a size 4 and I usually wear a size 7/7.5 in shoes.  I wore them to the movies last night with jeans and a white sweater and an olive green military style jacket.

Target Boy's Circo Piper Canvas Sneaker $16.99


  1. I just ordered the J Crew version during the sale. I may have to check out this version for a small fraction of the price. And I love those sneakers too. Thank you for the tip!


  2. Love the sneakers. They have a similar style with lots of sparkles at Payless that I am hunting down in my size. (The black part of the camp has sparkle!) They also have these tees at Old Navy. I just got my son camo shorts, tee and sweatshirt. I just love camo. I just can't seem to find a pair of jeans that will fit me correctly. Keep us posted! Thanks!!

  3. Won't get was a good one! And actually very true. Smart alternatives. I never would've thought of it.

  4. Le Target also has some pointy ballet flats in camo for $17.99..( I saw them by the scarves & belts )
    If you are thinking about just a pop of camo, this may be it. Really cute

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