Sunday, September 8, 2013

French Critter Tee

No, it's not the beloved J Crew French Hen tee.  I found this super cute critter tee from Joe Fresh at  So cute!  The writing behind the puppy is in French.  I have no idea what it says.  His little crown has some glitter on it.  I've named him Prince Jorge :).  It is 100% cotton and is currently on sale for $13.99.  I got mine for $11 or so with a coupon I had last week.

I also picked up the Joe Fresh Denim Shirt below.  All sizes are currently available and it's on sale for $20.99.  I used the coupon on this too and go it for like $16.   I was going to return it since I really don't need it, but I just love the placement of the worn/lighter areas and the dark stitching.  This is my 9th chambray/denim shirt.  BUT it is my first popover (it doesn't button all the way down).  Don't judge.

Joe Fresh Graphic Crewneck via JC Penney

Joe Fresh Tee
J. Crew Lightweight Bermuda Shorts
J. Crew Belt

Joe Fresh Denim Shirt

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  1. I'm sorry to enable, but I'd rethink that denim shirt. I like that stitching. It's very quirky & unique -- in a good way, of course. Prince Jorge is darling. What a cute tee.