Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Gorgeous New Necklace

Hi, guys.  You have to check out this new website I found Benevolent Jewels.  I ordered this necklace last week and it arrived today.  I ordered it on Tuesday, it shipped on Thursday, and I received it today!  How awesome is that?!  The quality is superb!!  And this necklace was only $25.50 plus $5 shipping.  I ordered the Magenta color and it is a deep red/burgundy color.

And until November 13th 20% of their profits go to Unity for a Solution.

BTW this is not a paid endorsement.  I was just so excited I had to share!  See ya - I'm going to order more......

Gorgeous and High Quality
Only $25.50

Free Koozie with purchase

Super cute packaging!


  1. You should check back. When I first tried to order they were sold out, but they were back the next day. They showed available when I posted yesterday. I have ordered a couple more necklaces and will share when I receive them.

  2. Thanks for sharing the site. The knockoffs are amazing and it seems like I learn about a new site each day. I'm so surprised I don't see more of this stuff on ppl irl. Maybe I don't get out enough. Yay for your deep red necklace. Many of us were disappointed that the necklace we ordered thru Groopdealz was orange coral and not red.