Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pink Party Pumps

It's my birthday and I'll wear what I want to.  There were several comments on my Barbie shoes today.  I would have never ever worn these shoes when I was 20 and they would have been appropriate.  One of the best advantages of old age is doing whatever the heck you want.  Only 364 days before I hit the big 5-0.  My husband thinks I will cry :)!

I picked up this denim shirt at the J. Crew Factory this week-end for about $35.  I missed this top at the retail store and then could never catch it in my size on pop-backs, so I was happy to see it show up at the Factory.  I would say this top runs true to size to a little large.  I wear a 2 or 4 in numerical sizing and this is a small.  There is no button or zip so I think a XS would have been tough to get in and out of and I wanted to be able to wear a shirt under it like they show on the model on the website.  This top is kinda tunic-y so I think it will look cute with shorts and sandals too.

 I also bought the Raindrop Lace top in Neon Azalea for about $35.  After much stalking I was able to get the retail version of the Raindrop Lace in navy, but could never catch the pink one in my size.   I can see no difference between the factory version and retail version.  The factory version even has numeric sizing.

 It was my lucky week-end at the Factory store.  I also love that the Factory will stack promos.  Most everything in the store was 30-40% off.  They were handing out 10% coupons at the door.  And I had a 20% coupon from my last online order. 

Gap White Shirt
J. Crew Factory Denim Shirt
J. Crew Porcelain Paisley Skirt
J. Crew Brulee Necklace
Steve Madden Pumps


  1. This is a super cute outfit combination! I need to check out the factory version of that top. The retail version fit me awkwardly. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. You are NOT turning 50! Holy moley! You look so so so much younger than that!

    Glad you found success at the factory, I love it when I can get to my local one...

    1. well next year, but still, you look many many years away from 49!

  3. Love your pink pumps and Happy Birthday!
    You look great!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! You don't look 50 at all! Love the pink heels!