Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joe Fresh in America

I'm so excited.  I just got an email that JC Penney now carries Joe Fresh.  I've seen some cute stuff on the blogs from Joe Fresh and always wished we could buy it here.  Now we can.  The best part is free shipping on orders over $75 and always free returns in store.

Question:  How does sizing run compared to J. Crew?

My picks:

Joe Fresh Print Crewneck Top $16

Joe Fresh Print Tunic $29

Joe Fresh Boatneck Eyelet Tee $19

Joe Fresh Slim-Fit Sateen Pants $29


  1. I saw this too and thought it looks promising. I hope to it out in person. Love the tunic and the sateen pants you picked.

  2. I have had good look with Joe Fresh, as has, I believe Ema! I am so happy it is going to be more widely available!

  3. I saw the tunic in an ad and thought it was so pretty in the blue. I am just afraid I would see it everywhere.

  4. In Canada we have of course had Joe for years - it is a staple of many closets, including mine. The quality is excellent for the price and this year they have really gone after the J.Crew look. I have the pink print top, I find it odd that it is described as a tunic as it is actually a lightweight cotton sweater. Also have the floral tee at the top, in the blue. Their sizing is generally true, though I find I size up in some things (like that tee) and down in others, like their skirts. I will be going up to one of the big flagship Joe stores this weekend and indulging... hope all American fashionistas will love Joe too!