Friday, October 5, 2012

J. Crew Sandwashed Silk Tee

I thought I would give a review of the J. Crew Sandwashed Silk Tee since there were so many still available in my store and they are 25% off.  The online price is $59.99, but in-store they are $34.99 plus 25% off.  The only colors I have seen in-store are the festival blue and sweet fuschia.  The champagne and navy may be online only colors. 

This top hasn't received alot of love from the blogosphere, but I like it.  I don't $115 like it (which was the original price) but I $26 like it - alot.  I bought the fuschia in-store (like I needed another bright pink top) and I ordered the champagne color online.  I paid $62 for the champagne one and I'm still debating on whether I will keep it.  I would definitely keep it for $26, but not so sure about $62.

I took this top in the same size as my perfect shirts, Talithas, etc.  It does have a short zipper at the neck but it was still kinda hard to get out of.  Love, love, love the feel and texture of the sandwashed silk.

Do you have this tee?  Do you like it?

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