Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yellow Butterflies

I wasn't at all interested in this sweater when it came out.  But as frequently happens for me, as the price went down, my interest went up.  For $20 I love it and after wearing it today, I called my store and they are holding the orange butterfly one for me.  I also hadn't paid attention to this skirt.  Based on the color name I thought it was going to be a neon-y green yellow, but it is very yellow.  I was missing a yellow skirt in my closet and this one is great!  I love, love, love that JC lined their cotton pencil skirts this season.

J. Crew Monarch Tippi
J. Crew #2 Pencil Skirt
Nine West Pumps


  1. I like this sweater. It gets to humid for merino this time of year, but think it is so fresh and pretty! Love the colour of the skirt!

  2. Thank you, WMM. It was definitely hot & humid here today too! I was in an all day meeting and knew I would freeze in the AC. This sweater was perfect. I figure I can throw it on over a tank with shorts to go to the movies too.

  3. This is a great sweater and I am going to head over to the website to purchase.


    P.S., I am hosting my 1st giveaway and hope you stop by and enter!

    1. Hi Alice. If you can find this sweater in store, it is a great deal. Only $29.99 plus 30% off!