Friday, December 7, 2012

J. Crew & J. Crew Factory Sale PSA

Hi.  I've had the flu all week and haven't been blogging, but I did take time to go to J. Crew and J. Crew Factory to check out the sales yesterday.  I asked about the additional 25% or 30% off in-store, but was told that was an online promotion only - so no stacking of discounts :(.

First the Factory....  my store was sadly very empty looking.  The SA said they would be re-stocking and getting new items next Tuesday.  They had and extra 50% off the small sale section and there were awesome bargains on the wool skimmers!!

The plaid ones that are $84.50 online were $25 in store - sadly, they only had a size 10 left.  The solid colors that are $39.50 online were $15-$20 in-store.  I picked up the deep peri for $15 and the camel and maraschino cherry for $20 each.  They had lots of the deep peri and bright dahlia on the sales rack.

The Factory Wool Skimmer Pants fit just like the retail Cafe Capris IMO, but THEY ARE LINED!!!  Love it!

$39.50 online - $19.97 in-store

My retail store had a HUGE sale section with a full range of sizes in most items and were running 30% off sale (final sale, of course).  I have done some heavy duty online ordering during the recent 30% off sales (with no final sale - YIPPEE) and as usual some prices were better in store.

I had ordered the Tippi in Multi-Color Stripe online to try and I love it.  It is $79.50 online and $59.99 (before the 30% off) in-store.  It is dark navy with mint green and lavender stripes.  It goes great with both the Sterling Skirt in Sheer Mint and the Cafe Capris in Iced Lilac.  The fit is the same as the solid color Tippis.

J. Crew Tippi in Multicolor Stripe
I had ordered the Colorblock Top in Stripe online to try with the no final sale.  They are $29.99 (before the 30% off) both in-store and online with final sale in-store, but not online.  These tops are great!  They are heavy weight and I like the exposed zipper in the back.  The fuchsia stripe pairs well with navy, black, ivory, and bright dahlia.  The "fuchsia" stripe is an almost exact match to my bright dahlia cafe capris.  The navy stripe pairs with navy, orange, ivory, and is a perfect match to the #2 Cotton Pencil Skirt in Heather Burgundy.  I typically wear a small in J. Crew tops or a 4 in numeric sizing and the size small in this top fit perfectly.

J. Crew Colorblock Top in Fuchsia

J. Crew Colorblock Top in Navy

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