Sunday, September 9, 2012

Talbot's Sale Alert

A HUGE thanks to Apples & Pencil Skirts for her post about the big online sale at Talbots.  25% off everything and free shipping with code: 029353545.

I just picked up 2 pencil skirts for $13.19 each!!

Talbot's Painterly Floral Skirt $17.59 - 25% = $13.19

Talbot's Watercolor Floral Skirt $17.59 - 25% = $13.19
This also comes in a blue colorway which is the one I purchased.


  1. Great picks! I'm really excited about the painterly skirt. It looks like there are so many colors to wear with it!

  2. I have both those skirts and they're lovely. The Painterly Floral is very easy to work with.
    I'm having a hard time building outfits with the Watercolor Floral skirt (I also have the blue colorway). I'd love it if you could post some outfit ideas after you receive it.