Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Snake Charmer

I must say I am charmed by this snake skirt from The Limited.  I have debated it since it first came out.  The fabric is stretchy and I was afraid it made it look cheap.  I finally decided that for $30 I would bite.  I really like the color and pattern better than the J. Crew snake print pencil.  If I wasn't sold before, I definitely am now.  I LOVE the stretchy material.  I wore this skirt all day on customer visits, which require getting in and out the car dozens of times, and it was super comfortable.  And no wrinkles!!  I HIGHLY recommend this skirt!

J. Crew Factory Thandie Sweater
The Limited Snake Print Skirt
Guess Pumps
Kate Spade Necklace & Earrings


  1. I am not usually a snakeskin fan, but that outfit looks great, and classy, which is not usually the first thing I think of with snake. Your accessorizing is perfect!

  2. I looove this skirt on you!, BTW, all skirts look staning on you :o)
    Chic outfit! XoXo

  3. You almost had me there for a sec! I thought it was the JC skirt! Excellent buy at $30!

    1. I actually like the colors better than the JC one. And I REALLY like the price better :).