Sunday, November 2, 2014

What's in your bag?

All women own them.  They come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and designers.  Whether you use it for work, play or evening, it's what's on the inside that counts.  Our handbags hold magical powers that help us battle every occasion.  Personally, I have lots of handbags - a girl can never have too many handbags or shoes - but 3 basic styles that get me through my day - a satchel for work, a cross-body for shopping, and a clutch for an evening out.  I never really thought about my handbag style and how to care for them until I discovered Rue La La's Handbag Guide which is a wealth of information on handbags.  If you love handbags as much as I do, you should definitely check it out!

My go to day bag for work is a satchel.  I typically remove the crossbody strap, but I like the option.  I like that a structured satchel is professional looking, but still holds all they stuff I need to make it through a day.

 Most of my favorite handbags are Kate Spade, including this one.  As you can see, I store my handbags in cubbies my husband built in my closet.  Along with these cubbies, I also line them up on shelves in the top of my closet.  I don't store my handbags in the dust bags because I like to look at them, but Rue La La  recommends it and it is a good idea to keep them clean and dust-free.  I keep my handbags in constant rotation - I typically switch them out every 1-2 weeks so they don't have time to get too dusty.
 My everyday handbag is full of stuff:  my Kate Spade wallet, my Coach business card case, my Coach pill case, a small zip wallet that holds all my credit cards (I have one for each of the stores I shop at.  I like the rewards and discounts I get by using a store credit card when I shop.), a protein bar, Carmex lip balm, hand sanitizer, a pen, lipstick, breath freshener, and finally, a small zip bag with even more essentials........
This is a small zip bag I received as a Clinique bonus buy.  In it you will find a travel toothbrush, tooth paste, lip pencil, nail file and clipper, perfume atomizer, band-aids, skin shield, and Band-aid Blister Block.  Can you tell I have frequent issues with my shoes hurting my feet :)?

For shopping I like a cross-body bag to keep my hands free.  This is one I purchased from Coach.  My first nice handbag was a Coach that my husband bought me in 1991.  For many years I stayed away from Coach, but I have re-discovered them over the last couple of years and I am again a fan.  I also like their small leather accessories which seem to last forever.
 Coach rose-gold metallic cross-body bag.
I need less stuff for a shopping trip and will typically only have my credit card wallet (I'll throw in my driver's license and some cash), breath freshener, hand sanitizer, lipstick, Carmex lip balm and car key.  A cross-body keeps it light and convenient for a day of shopping!

Finally, for a night out with the hubby or with the girls, I don't need much so a clutch is my go-to.  I have several, but this Kate Spade is one of my favorites.
 The other side says "Pardon My French".
Just a small J Crew zipper case to hold my driver's license, a credit card, and some cash, breath freshener, Carmex Lip Balm, Lipstick, and keys and I am good to go.

I hope you enjoyed the peek inside my bags.  What's in your bag?


  1. I want a yellow kate spade so badly. Waiting for the perfect shade to cross my path. I like using a smaller bag or two insie a back to try and stay organized.

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