Monday, July 14, 2014

Momma Got Birkenstocks!

I have purchased numerous pairs of Birkenstocks in my life, but have never worn a pair.  When my daughter was in middle to high school she wore nothing but Birkenstocks and Doc Martens.  Yes, I bought my daughter $100 shoes - several pairs - while I owned one pair of Nikes for the week-end and 2 pairs of pumps for work - one navy and one black - that I probably bought at Payless with a BOGO promo. 

I always thought Birkenstocks were pretty ugly.  However, seeing them everywhere lately has changed my mind.  While in TJ Maxx this week-end I spotted a pair of Birkenstocks in the clearance section for $20 and couldn't resist. They were my size and when I tried them on I was amazed at how comfortable they were.  I now own my very first pair of Birkenstocks!  I doubt I will buy multiples, but I'm glad I finally got my own after all the ones I paid for.

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