Saturday, April 27, 2013

Neon Flamingo

This title conjures up images of 1950's Florida.  This outfit conjures up $ signs - very few $ signs.  I stopped in J.C. Penney recently with a friend and was pleasantly surprised.  I liked the new store image.  I also liked some of their Summer offerings and the prices were unbelievable.  I picked up this linen tee for $11 and the neon shorts were $9.60. 

J.C. Penney Linen Tee
J.C. Penney Shorts
J. Crew Belt
Target Sandals
Hat (bought for $10 on a cruise)


  1. I've heard other bloggers complain about the new JC Penney, but like you, I like it a lot! Cute outfit. Wish it were warmer here to dress like that but nope... not yet.

  2. Love that shirt --- me want!