Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shades of Grey.... and Yellow

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  The time change really gets me.  I simply can't get out of bed when it's still dark outside.

I haven't been purchasing much from J. Crew lately.  I did score the hummingbird cafe capris with my rewards card during a 20% off full price sale and LOVE them.  I have been loving the cute patterned shirts from Gap and recently purchased the butterfly and bird patterned ones.  I will review those when I receive them.

I have been shopping my closet more recently - I have plenty to shop from :)!  This Golden Roses pattern has always been one of my favorite J. Crew patterns.  I had the Factory version of the pencil skirt, but recently sold it as it was way too big.  I was able to score this Collection version recently for a great price and I love it.

Gap Grey Striped Shirt
J. Crew Collection Golden Roses Pencil Skirt
Guess Pumps

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  1. Gorgeous golden flowers! It's a beautiful skirt!